Unlit Horizon

Unlit Horizon is a cinematic virtual reality experience that has been adapted from a choreography by Markéta Kuttnerová.

Original choreography is situated in an abstractly rendered world in which two characters are constantly emerging and disappearing, interconnecting a biological and mechanical components. It takes place on a fictional planetoid, where both characters are constantly moved in space through chain-linked images.

VR adaptation is inspired by this distinctive, particular movement language, which is far from the common idea of a man on this planet, and further elaborates on the idea of escapism by speculating on space travel in the current socio-political context.

In Unlit Horizon, the audience uses a Virtual Reality (VR) headset to place themselves in the immediate presence of the dancer and a explore this poetic and physical interpretation of a dance piece.

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March 2018, SmetanaQ Gallery, Prague
photos by Tomáš Rubín

Volumetric recordings

November 2017, Institute of Intermedia, Prague

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